A New Bug

by A New Bug

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A New Bug's debut full-length album. Over a year in the process now it is finally done and here for your ears to hear.


released 31 October 2013
Recorded at Alchemy International NY
Engineer- Michael Angelo
Eddie Lo- Guitars/Vocals/Organ/Sitar
Nick Diaz - Bass/Backup Vocals
Mike Boulanger - Drums/Percussion/Organ



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A New Bug New York, New York

A New Bug is a three piece rock 'n' roll band centering in Long Island, NY. Formed in August of 2011, Eddie Lo (Vocals/Guitar), Nick Diaz (Bass/Vocals) & Mike Boulanger (Drums) seem to be heavily influenced by a spectral view of music in general. Mainly focused on the revolutionary music from the late 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Rock & Roll+ Psychedelic Rock+ Punk+ Grunge= A New Bug.
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Track Name: Crawling Thru Your Ears
Make me feel like I'm not going crazy
I want to feel like that
Make me feel love like I never felt before
I want to feel love

If you don't do what I ask of you
Then what's the point in me stickin' around

Can you give me some sweet satisfaction?
I want to feel love
When we're fucking around can you show me some action?
I don't want to be alone here

Track Name: Start Again
Even if you're pure
They'll find another cure
For you

Find another way
We'll start again today

What can happen when
The sun explodes - skies turn red
What can happen when your dead?
Can you see the spirits rising?
Come along - Start again
Track Name: High in Love
Every time I see you
Wish I was blind
Every time i see your beauty
Lose my mind
Don't want to see you
Coming 'round my door
I'd rather get on the ground and crawl

I've been sitting here all alone
thinking about all the things
I've been doing wrong
Well I've been sitting here day to day
I don't want to live life this way

Every time you cum baby I want to go
Every time you cream baby I want to scream
Don't want to see you coming 'round my door
I'd rather get on the ground and crawl


Why am I so high in love?
Track Name: Bird of Prey
It's in the air
I could feel it now
Waiting for me to get there

When do I set out
To forbidden lands?
Bird of prey awaits me there

Bird of prey
It's on the stalk
Circles me in the dark

How do I get out
From beneath it's claws?
Pierce my skin to the touch

Take your time
Form your horns
I'm in line
And off to conquer

Kill the eagle
If you had caught
Wouldn't have to stumble through the dark

And now you're off
Unbound and untaught
To seek the riches you have sought
Track Name: Commi Rat
What would you do
To calm me?
What would you do
To calm?
What would you do
To calm me down?

I saw you at the station
White suitcase in your hand
Yea I saw you at the station
Running as fast as you can

What would you do
If you'd fall
Way down?

Why don't you ever call me?
Why don't you ever call?
Why don't you ever call me up?


Take me down

Why don't you call me commi?
Why don't you call me calm?
Why don't you call me commi rat?
Track Name: Lay Low
Get real close
Get real quiet
I know how to get this started

Turn out the lights
Live in darkness
I know how to start this up

When you call my name
I'm in love

Lay la you're my one desire
I want to take you home
Lay la with your heart of fire
I want to take your clothes off

When you call my name
I'm in love

Lay lay low

Lay la you're my one desire
I want to take you home
I want to take your clothes off
I want to eat your heart out
Track Name: Ketamine
See you walking alone
Skipping a couple of stones
Walking along the lonely beach

Why you talking with your eyes now
Like you're wearing a disguise
Don't you ever want to be so free like me?

I'm bleeding give me some morphine
I'm leaning give me some amphetamines
I'm dreaming give me some ketamine

I'm walking on the moon
Listening to the tune
It's just a lonely old misers croon
Track Name: Love's Demands
Got to get ready for the sun
The shadows soon will all be gone
And the girls know what they're wearing
They barely got something on
You know it's hottest in the summer
And the summer's sure to come

I can't wait for the day
That the summer comes my way
And the girls will be screaming
When the band begins to play
Come to me after the show
And I'll tell you what I say

What would you do
If I came up to you
And wanted to cum
Would you give me some
I hope so

All I want to do is hold you
Hold you as close as I can
If you were an ocean woman
Let me be your seasick man
In the sea we'd go swimming
In the sea of love's demands
Track Name: Does It?
What does it
Cost you to stay?
Or pay you to leave?
Point me which way
There I will be

I am a slave
You want me to believe
I'm digging a grave
Within that I grieve

Lost in a cave
Made to perceive
The road that you paved
You want me to lead
Well I have been played
So now I'll leave

You made me see
The very worst part of me
So now I believe
in how ugly life can be

So now I'll leave